Warsaw Virtual

Warsaw Virtual is a joint project of Wizja Multimedia and Heliograf, a leader in film technology in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. We offer a comprehensive service that allows you to shoot in one place, providing equipment and service – specialists and creators with experience in virtual productions. Our creative and unique graphic team will advise, design and build graphical environments in real-time rendering technology – REAL-TIME GRAPHICS using Unreal Engine and Notch graphics engines.


Warsaw Virtual was designed with the film and advertising industry in mind, and the XR technology is also dedicated to television productions and live events. The studio has complete technological facilities – camera and tracking systems, rendering and lighting, and its KNOW-HOW and unique technological setup, which can be mobile, will ensure work in any filming hall and meet the expectations of the most demanding clients from the media industry.

Virtual Production – ICVFX

Warsaw Virtual Studio is a comprehensive service addressed to the advertising and film industry.

At Warsaw Virtual, we use LED screens to complement and extend the classic scenography with a virtual environment.

Warsaw Virtual provides producers and creators with the latest ICVFX (In-Camera-VFX) technology, allowing you to combine the virtual and real worlds in production environments, improving them and ensuring full immersion. We display pre-recorded camera plates or environments rendered in real time, in Notch and Unreal Engine.

Selected and appropriately selected LED screens eliminate the disadvantages of traditional solutions based on chromatic keying of the background with a uniform color (the popular “green screen”).

Virtual Production – ICVFX

The combination of the camera with the Stype tracking system generates a perspective adjusted to the position of the camera, creating the so-called parallax effect.

In Warsaw Virtual, creators have full control over the creation and get:
– Scene visualization and editing in real time
– Independence from weather conditions
– Possibility of mapping inaccessible places
– Natural and instinctive behavior of the actors
– Realistic reflections and natural lighting in the scene
– Reducing the cost of traveling to physical locations

Extended Reality

Studio Warsaw Virtual offers recordings in xR – Extended reality technology

XR Technology – Extended Reality


 XR Technology :

– A virtual extension of the scenery set
– Realistic reflections
– Ability to interact with the created world
– Full color freedom (including green / blue)
– Immersion – content visible on LED screens
– Savings – optimization of post-production time

Our technology allows for spectacular, viewer-engaging, realistic, abstract virtual environments, impossible to obtain and never realized on such a scale before

Vehicle scenes

Studio Warsaw Virtual is the perfect place to record car journeys.
Pre-recorded camera plates or three-dimensional environments prepared from scratch in Unreal Engine are displayed on the LED screens.
We offer consultations and preparation of plates for recording car journeys, in addition, our graphic team is able to create from scratch extensive virtual scenery in Unreal Engine.
We use reflective screens – e.g. LED ceiling and a movable LED platform, which serve as an additional source of lighting, providing reflections on the object.
The studio’s technology ensures independence from weather conditions, full repetition of scenes, as well as avoiding costly street closures and obtaining appropriate permits.

Unreal Engine

It all starts with an idea
Your project is important and unique to us. Thanks to this approach, we can advise our clients, while giving control over all stages of pre-production.
We create effective and cost-effective graphic environments in the highest quality in UNREAL and NOTCH technologies.