Image processing and display

Technical specification of image processing and display devices:

  • LED screens dedicated to virtual production applications /xR:
  • p2.6 HDR LED wall, compatible with 10 bit (the shape and size of the screen can be adapted to the production requirements – it can be arranged in an arch) – 160 m2 and more.
  • Matt, seamless led p4.7 floor (xR application) – 50 m2
  • Possibility to mount p2.6 / 3.9 / 5.9 LED ceiling depending on the needs of the project.
  • Disguise media servers / rendering engines enabling the display of pre-recorded plates and Notch / Unreal Engine graphical environments (including 10 bit uncompressed)
  • Stype Red Spy camera tracking systems (compatible with film and broadcast cameras in the studio’s offer)
  • Barco image management system
  • Additional image distribution system based on BlackMagic solutions
  • GrandMA3 light and multimedia control system

Cameras and video transmission

Our offer includes a large selection of equipment used in the largest film and advertising productions.

Cameras, lenses, accessories and a complete set of wireless vision work perfectly with LED screens in WARSAW VIRTUAL STUDIO.

We have adapted to work both FULL FRAME sets, such as ARRI ALEXA LF, SONY VENICE or RED RAPTOR cameras together with SIGNATURE PRIME, SUPREME PRIME, COOKE ANAMORPHIC FULL FRAME+, TOKINA VISTA and SUPER35 sets, working on ARRI ALEXA MINI and RED Gemini cameras / Helium with all available lenses.


We offer the largest selection of lighting equipment in Poland along with professional service. The equipment is selected and configured individually for a given project.