Unreal Engine

It all starts with an idea.
Your project is important and unique to us. Thanks to this approach, we can advise our clients, while giving control over all stages of pre-production.
We create effective and cost-effective graphic environments in the highest quality in UNREAL and NOTCH technologies.

Everything is possible

The creation of graphical environments is a pass to logistically difficult locations or absolutely inaccessible so far. Shooting days in the subway, airport or hospital will never be cancelled. In the studio, we prepare environments not only from the Megascans library from Quixel and Unreal Marketplace, but also create our own objects that allow us to adapt to the needs of our clients.
Our graphic team works in such 3D modeling packages as Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, Blender, Substance Painter and others. Our artists are people trained in working with light and color. Using Raytracing technology, your environments will gain realism and depth. Our goal is to eliminate the border between the real and the virtual.

Everything under control

Thanks to the production in a digital environment, you can precisely plan the appearance of scenes, weather conditions and lighting. But nothing brings imaginary worlds to life like subtle movement and interactivity. Our environments are not a static backdrop, but an immersive environment where every detail can be put into motion, from the breeze on the grass to the movement of vehicles.

Everything in one place

The LED screens used are checked for film production, advertising and live events. Our graphic team works closely with the engineers and producers in the studio. Such a relationship allows us to react immediately and introduce changes in environments.
In virtual environments, you can afford more than in reality, thanks to the Frontplate planning technology, dividing the stage into front and back, virtual elements can be displayed both behind and in front of the actors. This allows for the materialization of the environment, for the integration of the person with the virtual world.
In addition, virtual content screens may appear in the environments to enhance the virtual experience.

Experienced artist

Our artists are people who have experience gained from studying at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts at the Faculty of Media Art. This allows us to use both technical and artistic solutions.
Extensive knowledge of contemporary and ancient art, as well as experience with various media reveal new horizons for our clients.